Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Has Sprung (part 2)

Try a rhythmic speech arts piece with your class!

On Sunday, the first day of spring (check it out) I posted a spring chant that can be used with all ages.

Today I'm adding some layers of speech to make a textured speech arts piece with that poem.

Spring has sprung!
Spring has sprung
The grass is growing green
The sun is shining now and
Birds are seen!

Ostinati chanting:
grass:  "Growing, growing, growing, growing"
birds:  "Here I am!  (sh sh)  Here I am!  (sh sh)
           (sh = rest/no sound)    

This is a pretty simple addition...adding some rhythmic speech to layer over the poem.
Have one group of kids chanting the grass part, another chanting the bird part, and another group chanting the poem.

Adding movement
The kids usually instinctively add movement to their speech parts and then all the groups can move through the space chanting their parts simultaneously.  

It's okay to sit and chant though, especially if the groups are new to speech work. 

Have fun! 
If the class just can not do all 3 groups, I divide them in 2 groups (birds and grass) and I chant the poem.

Skills we are building 
This builds listening, focus, auditory independence, beat competence and cooperative skills.

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